These rules have been developed to assist new and existing Members to make the most of club facilities. Please familiarise yourself with the content and abide by them.

1. Subscriptions

Subscriptions are due each year on April 1st, and cover the Membership year through to the end of March. Only paying Members may use the courts.

2. Guests

Guests are welcome to play on the courts for a maximum of 3 sessions with a club Member, free of charge. If the guest would like to continue using the courts for more sessions, they are expected to join the club as a paying Member.

3. Membership cards

Members will not be issued with cards. Any Members wishing to check that another person using the courts is also a paid-up Member is welcome to contact any member of the committee to verify this.

4. Club Sessions

Club Session times are decided at the discretion of the Committee and subject to change. For current information regarding any planned Club Sessions, please refer to the Calendar on the club website.

Club Sessions are designed to give you the opportunity to “Turn up and Play” without having to pre-arrange your hitting partner; you can meet other Members who you may not have known, and enjoy a bit of mutual support and coaching.

5. Match Play

When Members wish to arrange competitive matches, these are usually played on Tuesday evenings at 6:30 pm. A fixture list will be posted on the fence, as well as on the website.

6. Playing Priorities

6.1 Juniors:

Weekdays, 4 to 6 pm – April to September

Saturdays, 10 am to 12 noon – all year round – except when Junior Coaching is on in the afternoon.

6.2 Adult members have priority use of the courts at all other times, subject to club sessions, matches, and any other events as set out below.

6.3 Where only a single court is in use for a Club Session, the second court is available for private play provided this does not cause interference. It must be vacated immediately should additional Members arrive wishing to join the Club Session.

6.4 Junior Members who wish to participate in adult Club Sessions are welcomed to participate for the duration of the current session.

6.5 Any unscheduled events requiring a guaranteed court (eg: friendly matches, or coaching sessions) must be notified to the committee at least 10 days in advance. If approved, then notice of these events will be posted as appropriate (via the website, Facebook, and/or email), giving other Members a week’s notice, and the event will then take precedence on court use.

7. Waiting Time

The Committee has eliminated the formal rule regarding waiting times for courts and trusts the civility and common sense of its members to arrive at mutually agreeable conclusions for use of the courts. Please notify a member of the STC Committee if you have encountered difficulty with this approach.

8. Practice

Members should ensure that practice does not interfere with normal play on the adjacent court and will desist should they be so requested by other players.

9. Balls

Club balls are provided for Club Sessions. At all other times members provide their own balls. If balls are lost over the fence/hedge to the South of the courts, into the horse paddocks, players MUST NOT trespass into that field in search of them.

10. Court Security

The courts must be kept locked at all times when not in use. A combination lock is in place, and the Code number will be notified to Members on payment of their subscription. If no other Member is present when you finish your session, you MUST ensure that the court is locked securely before leaving.

The lock’s Code number will be changed yearly, or more often if it is found to have been compromised. The Code will also be provided to convenors of Stapleford Football Club so that their players can retrieve a stray football if needed.

11. Footwear

To protect the court surface, tennis shoes are the only footwear permitted on the courts. Shoes with heels and trainers with ‘saw tooth’ soles are specifically banned due to the damage they cause.

12. Club Store

The club store [on the main Recreation Ground] is kept locked and will be opened by a member of the committee as needed during Club Sessions and events.


Last updated: 1 April 2016.