coach1Group Coaching: now including Adults!

Over & In have been running coaching sessions for our Members on Saturdays during term time. Sign up page can be found on their website.  Regrettably for the courses from 11th June to 23rd July 2016 there was insufficient take-up, so Over & In have now cancelled the remainder of these sessions.

Mini: Ages 5-7      1315h – 1415h      7 weeks      £49

Junior: Ages 8-11       1415h – 1515h      7 weeks      £49

Adults: Beginners/Development      1515h – 1615h     7 weeks      £56

Over & In also have a reciprocal arrangement with other local clubs if you want to make up a missed session by joining an alternative session elsewhere.  It may be possible to “Pay as you Go”, but you need to check with Over & In about this.

For all details about this coaching, please contact Over & In directly.

over and in

Can non-Members sign up for these sessions?

During the Autumn and Winter the club policy is that non-Members are welcome to try out these sessions before joining the club, to see whether the children will stick with their tennis – we know how kids are! However we do ask that you join up for the club year, April to March, if you want to take part in Group Coaching during the Summer term. Visit our Membership page for details, or sign up directly via Club Spark.

The club gets no income from the coaching fees for these Over & In sessions.


Individual Coaching

Any Member of the club is welcome to use Stapleford Tennis Courts as a venue to receive their own private coaching, either as an individual or for a small group of Members. We just ask that you bear in mind the “Priorities for Play” in our Rules, and therefore do not expect that at busy times you will have a right to a court, if other Members happen to be playing when your session is due to start; you may have to wait to get onto court, and must bear this in mind when booking your coaching session.

Should you wish to be certain of a court for a private coaching session, either one-off or series of sessions, then please email the request to at least ten days* in advance of your desired booking. If approved, this will be added to the club Events listings in order to notify other Members, and your session will then take priority over other users.

[*this 10-day timeframe is simply in order to give us a fighting chance of keeping to our long-standing rule of notifying any specific court use to other Members with a week’s notice; in the case of private coaching bookings, notification will take the form of an “Event” on the website]

Coaching of non-Members

Professional coaches MUST NOT use the Stapleford Tennis Courts for private coaching of any pupils who are not current Members of Stapleford Tennis Club.